Thursday, November 22, 2018
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Why doesn’t the Search find forum posts?

The Community forum and the main site are loosely coupled at the moment. While they share the same registration procedures and login process, the core databases behind each remain separate. We aim to bring tighter integration later, but in the meantime if you are searching for forum topics, please use the search tool within the Community Forum.

Can I submit content?

Yes please! See the Author’s FAQ for details of how to become a site author, and how the publishing process works.

What is the Knowledge Base?

The Knowledge Base is a collection of content items that give you boiled-down information, from basic to advanced, that aim to provide a useful reference guide. While some items will be specifically for Craft Brewers in Ireland, there should be enough generic information for brewers everywhere.


The categories within this section currently include;

  • Basics
  • Ingredients
  • Equipment
  • All Grain Brewing
  • Extract Brewing
  • Kit Brewing
  • Storing/Conditioning

If you feel there is something missing or would like to contribute, please Contact Us.

What are the Articles about?

Articles will be about all sorts of things, but will generally be brew related to some degree. This can be thoughts on certain beer styles, a review of a pub, a visit to a brewery, experiments with brewing techniques and recipes or the state of Craft Brewing in general. In short, anything! We have purposely not created a table of contents or categories for the Articles section as we believe anything goes. As the site grows this may change, but we'll see.


What is Beoir?

See the About Us link to learn about who we are and why we do what we do.


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